Equipment & Software Specifications

GSO 360 Sparker

The GSO 360 Sparker is a member of the latest generation of GSO sparker energy sources. This development is based on existing and proven technology. Our sparkers were developed in-house to support the ever changing requirements of the client who continually seeks to acquire better quality and more cost effective data sets. The GSO sparker range is manufactured and built in The Netherlands.

Equipment specifications

GSO 540


The GSO 540 Sparker has proven to be a very stable and repeatable energy source featuring dual planar electrode arrays. Up to six connected electrode modules of 90 tips each, allows the energy from the HV power supply unit to be distributed between 90 and 540 in steps of 90 tips. Depending on HV cable configuration, high-frequent data acquisition using the upper electrode arrangement can be selected, or low-frequent data acquisition with the lower electrode arrangement, or both arrangements simultaneously. Equipment specifications

GSO Streamer

The GSO 24 Elements Streamer is designed for high frequency sources such as Sparkers and Boomers, however this streamer can also be combined with other sources, including low-frequency acoustic equipment. It is possible to connect various industry standard recording systems to the GSO 24 Elements Streamer using a Filter/Gain Interface designed specifically for third party equipment using standard BNC output.

 Equipment specifications

Coda Processing

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