Staff and personnel of GSO have been involved in the most complex and challenging projects worldwide, dealing with the most demanding clients. One of our strong points is an exceptionally wide and active network, bringing together the right individuals at the right time.
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Data Processing Interpretation & Final Reporting
GSO has a vast experience in all aspects of geophysical data acquisition, processing and reporting. The versatility of our key-personnel guarantees an integrated method of work, resulting into a high-quality report, yet easy understandable for the client. The latest graphical possibilities are used to make the combined results visible. Apart from traditional reports, this can also include 3D presentations of the data, 2D data wrapped over 3D surfaces, slide show presentations and a dynamic fly-through presentation of the data. The latter can be played as a video and is a geophysical tour through the area of interest.

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Equipment Rentals
GSO currently has a selection of of in house designed and 3rd party sparker systems, signal processors and single channel streamers in the rental pool, all maintained by our in-house personnel. We can also supply multichannel systems both UHR and 2DHR via associated companies that work closely with GSO BV.

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GSO key-personnel all have more than 15 years of experience in Marine Geophysical Data Acquisition. Contrary to just being operators or geophysicists, GSO offers personnel that is geophysically educated, capable of processing the geophysical data, writing offshore or onshore reports, but also understand offshore equipment like an engineer. This forms a truly rare combination of expertise, which will prove valid in all stages of acquisition but also during processing and reporting.


GSO will perform or assist in performing all sorts of shallow Geotechnical investigations. This includes Gravity coring, Piston coring, Vibro-coring CPT and Grab sampling. Although being geophysicists, the fact that our key-personnel have been involved in the design/manufacturing of coring equipment makes that they know and understand the possibilities and limitations of these systems. Therefore, apart from being capable of operating the systems, GSO personnel is also able to analyse the results and integrate these with geophysical data.

Sub-Sea Support Services

The personnel of GSO have extensive experience in cable & pipelay support operations. We can make sure required targets are met during operations, but also perform independent investigations and post-engineering inspections.

Other Services
Extensive experience of GSO personnel, the operating and engineering knowledge of systems on the market, the wide network connections and independent thinking, makes GSO the perfect choice for non-standard jobs. Any request for new and challenging projects will have our warm interest and we look forward to support you and solve your problems in an innovative way.

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