Well Site Surveys(single & multi channel)


Well Site Surveys
Well Site surveys require the command of various techniques. This includes Multi-beam echosounder (MBES), Chirp and Sub-bottom profiling (SBP in various forms). Also UHR, VHR and HR seismic data in 2D and/or 3D are required to give the full spectrum. GSO personnel are specialised and very experienced in this kind of data acquisition, as well as the processing and the production of integrated reports. The fact that many of them have been involved in the development & manufacturing of VHR seismic profiling equipment helps to have a sound understanding of the expected data quality.

Multi Channel (Digital) Site Surveys:- The core of GSO personnel is trained as geophysicists and specialised in marine seismic operations. Our senior geophysicists all have many years of field experience working with international clients. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have a good working knowledge of most offshore Oil & Gas related regions around the world. In co-operation with established partners in the industry we can supply, in addition to seismic QC, processing and reporting services, full digital spreads ranging from UHR 24ch sparker/airgun to full HR 96ch (or more)acquisition systems.

Analogue Site Surveys:- GSO owns and operates VHR sparker systems. GSO offshore personnel have been trained to use these systems along with most other geophysical sensors such as sub bottom profilers, side scan sonar and magnetometers. In addition to the operation of these systems our geophysicists are skilled data processors and report writers. Therefore GSO can offer the client a quality turnkey solution from data acquisition to delivery of final report.