Shallow Geotechnical Investigations


What Can GSO do for You?
GSO will perform or assist in performing all sorts of Shallow Geotechnical investigations. This includes Gravity coring, Piston coring, Vibro-coring CPT and Grab sampling. Although being geophysicists, GSO key-personnel have been involved in the design & manufacturing of the equipment, which means they know and understand the possibilities and limitations of these systems. Therefore, apart from being capable of operating the systems, GSO personnel are able to analyse the results and integrate these with geophysical data.

Route & Site Surveys:- GSO has experience in planning and performing the geotechnical operation for Route & Site surveys all around the world. This can range from simple seabed sampling to a more complex Vibro-core and CPT operation. In most cases GSO personnel can operate the geotechnical systems and complete all necessary core logging and on-board sample analysis. This means having fewer personnel on-board and subsequently a cost saving aspect for the client.

Transition Zones:- These can be the easiest or the most demanding areas to work. Over the past years GSO personnel have worked at locations with water depths ranging from 1 to 5 meter. These surveys have required the use of various techniques from hand boring tools to full size CPT and drilling rigs. In order to cover the long distances, sometimes more than 20km, we can use various means of survey support platforms ranging from amphibious vehicles and swamp boats to self-elevating barges (SEB).

Laboratory Soil Analysis:- Through close association with trusted and professional soil analysis laboratories, GSO can offer full onshore sample testing and factual reporting facilities. GSO can also integrate all geotechnical results into the geophysical reports & charts giving the client a full overview of their survey



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