Pipeline & Cable Route Surveys


Pipeline & Cable route surveys
GSO provides and supports all necessary services for Cable & Pipeline route surveys. This can be geophysical, geotechnical or ROV oriented.

Typically, these projects will involve initial route surveys & pre-engineering surveys. We cover all requirements in order to complete these operations, including integration with existing data. We can provide state-of-the-art video systems and experienced personnel to operate them. We also integrate the results with geophysical data.

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Offshore:- GSO personnel have been involved in offshore cable & pipeline surveys for many years. These projects range from short in-field pipelines to major intercontinental cable route surveys. Various resources and equipment can be utilised from standard towed sensors to autonomous underwater vehicles with water depths ranging from tens to thousands of metres. GSO works closely with the client to ensure that the best possible solutions are applied. Working this way, we make sure the best quality of the results is achieved.

Nearshore:- Route surveys that involve landing cables or pipelines ashore will require the use of a shallow draft vessel and or small boats. Basic survey principles remain the same as offshore, however due to shallow water and tidal areas a different approach to equipment handling is required. GSO has vast experience in planning and in the installation of shallow water systems. This ensures good continuity with the offshore spreads on all aspects of the survey.

Transition Zones:- These difficult locations are situated between dry land and the sea and can be particularly demanding to personnel and equipment. Transition zones can be a few hundred metres long between the low and high tide marks or many kilometres long in shallow water seas such as in the North Caspian. Each survey will have its own problems to solve and overcome. GSO personnel have worked in the most difficult areas setting up complete base station facilities and organising specialised and local resources in order to complete the task to the client’s satisfaction.

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