Final Reporting & Presentation of Results






Data Presentation

Apart from possible structures on location, a report is what physically remains after operations. We believe reports should be of the highest possible quality because each of them is a representation of the company producing them and they can be re-used many years later.

GSO can produce quality reports in any standard requested or design one according to client’s wishes. A wide variety of software programmes and internal routines can be used to produce the best possible results and illustrations in an attractive way.


We strive to document all relevant issues in a report that is both comprehensive and easy to understand for the less involved. Graphical, full colour and 3D displays may help to better understand the situation on site.

Presentation can be in the form of a traditional report, but also as a complimentary video showing the results in a fly-through mode, zooming in on features of interest. The latter can be very effective in bringing a group of people up to speed with the details of a project.

For data examples: Data Examples