Our Expertise

GSO key-personnel have been involved in all aspects of High-Resolution Survey operations for many  years, using standard but also less conventional means in 2D HR acquisition, like hovercraft, amphibious vehicles, swamp-boats, (jack-up) barges and towed survey platforms. This demonstrates not only our years of involvement in the industry, but also the educated innovative way of approaching existing and new challenges.

A strong point of our key-personnel is that it has managed to maintain an extended network of affiliates. Therefore, we are able to respond to any non-standard requests bringing together the right personnel and resources.






GSO Provided Services

GSO provides the full range of project management, consulting and rental services you need for high-resolution geophysical and geotechnical work. Our extended expertise has learned that it is very important to really listen to client’s needs and constructively think and contribute to provide the best solution possible. Most of our personnel has a geophysical background, many of them with years of offshore experience, also they have been involved in the manufacturing of geophysical and geotechnical equipment. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Project management, ranging from standard site surveys to complex, multi-vessel operations
  • Tender preparation and/or assistance in preparing your tender
  • Networking, to bring together the right parties to perform a specific job
  • Client representative services by personnel with over 15 years of experience in the field
  • QC/QA of geophysical data, both offshore and onshore
  • Processing and interpretation of geophysical data using state-of-the-art software and in-house developed routines. This can be done at offshore or onshore locations, at client’s premises or in our Rotterdam based Data centre.
  • High-quality reporting and presentation for the end-client
  • We can accommodate multiple clients in our office providing them with all necessary base facilities while overseeing the progress of the project
  • Provision of PC’s for geophysical, geotechnical or ROV operations
  • Geophysicists for offshore QC/QA for all type of operations, including offshore processing and reporting
  • Highly experienced operators for all aspects of offshore geophysical and geotechnical data acquisition, often doubling as operator, engineer and geophysicist
  • Rental of exclusively state-of-the-art equipment
  • Un-paralleled results for multi-channel High-Resolution 2D and 3D data
  • Perfect swell-filtering, no smoothing or memory effect, resolving all problems related to motion (vessel mounted), swell (surface-towed equipment), seabed-restore (sub- or deep-towed equipment) and/or tidal variations
  • Conversion of all possible data to SGY standard Rev-1, including Chirp. Also, hardcopy (paper) sections can be converted into processable SGY, including sketch profiles
  • Draping of images and (hardcopy) charts over 3D surfaces and backstripping
  • All data can be combined in a geo-referenced project in any client requested format
  • Re-processing of all sorts of data and data-conversions
  • Desk-top studies
  • All available data can be presented in 2D or 3D pdf or avi format for stand-alone presentation in slide show or fly-through mode

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